House water filtration is the trend of the future

house water filterIn the future all municipal water supplies will add toxic chemicals to their drinking water. In turn, these toxic chemicals will have an adverse effect on people’s health. It will all be done with good intentions. To kill bacteria and pathogens in the water line.

Then when the water enters the home, people will use their whole house water filtration systems, to remove these toxic chemicals. House water filtration will make the water safe for use in the home.

But as they say in the movies, the future is now. Today there are very few municipalities that don’t add toxic chemicals to the water that they treat. For example, chlorine is added as a disinfectant. Disinfectants kill microorganisms in the water. Microorganisms can cause illnesses like typhoid, cholera, giardiasis and hepatitis. Chlorine in excess, like almost all disinfectants, will kill people too if it gets into your house water. Filtration is the answer.

In 1908 Jersey City Water Works became the first system to add chlorine to the water, on a large scale. The death rates from typhoid fever, a waterborne disease, dropped like a rock over the next 30 years. This drop happened because the concept of treating water by chlorination, spread across the country. In 1908 there were approximately 28 deaths per 100,000 people, attributed to typhoid fever. In 1938, the death rate dropped to less than 4 per 100,000. Today someone getting typhoid is almost unheard of.

It is no secret that millions of lives have been saved by adding chemicals to the water. That doesn’t mean that you want to drink those chemicals though. And with a house water filtration system, you don’t have to.

Most people believe that chlorine is fairly safe chemical. But the truth is that chlorine, like many chemicals, is much more dangerous than we are led to believe.

THE WASHINGTON POST June 1994 – “The EPA has raised skin absorption of chlorine to its top 10 carcinogen watch list.”

OK, so drinking chlorinated water is totally safe. But if we get chlorinated water on our skin, we are at a higher risk for cancer? Does that sound as crazy to you, as it does to me? Fortunately, chlorine is easily removed using house water filtration.

I know, the experts have given us ‘safe’ levels of these toxic chemicals. And for some reason, when the experts state a fact, no-one ever questions it. Even if the same experts spew different ‘facts’, for the same chemical. The truth of the matter is that you will probably never get a straight answer. So it’s best to start protecting your health, and the health of your loved ones, today.

House water filtration can remove chlorine and other toxic chemicals

Since the house water filtration is in your home, and under your control, you can make sure that it keeps working at peak performance. A whole house water filter is your last line of defense for when you get that reverse 911 call. The call ordering you to boil your water. You might still boil your water, but you won’t worry about the water you drank in the middle of last night. Check out a quality house water filtration system today.

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