Water Filter Systems for Home

Find the Best Whole House Filter

Water filter systems for home can be a lifesaver and will protect your family for many years to come. Quality filtration will make sure that your family gets the cleanest water possible.

Do you ever read the news?

“New gas drilling raises pollution concerns? Investigation into toxic water at Camp Lejeune continues”

Nursing Home Residents Tested After Disease Outbreak Scare – A nursing home is testing all of its residents for a potentially deadly disease following a contamination of the facility’s water supply…

So, how is your water? Does it taste fine? Do you suppose that where these headlines are from, the water tasted fine too? But the city does test your water, right?

“Boil water call not unnoticed – City says test site itself was cause of contamination”

September 22, 2010, Corsicana, Texas

Let’s face it. The ONLY way you can be 100% sure that the water your family uses is safe, is to make it safe yourself. The best way to make sure your water is safe, is by using water filter systems for home. You need to have your own whole house water filter system. It’s just that simple.

Now you have seen small, cheap, water filters advertised on TV that attach to your faucet. Even if those filters were OK for drinking water, which I doubt, what about all the other water your family uses?

What if you have asbestos in your water? It is possible you know.

“Seattle Times – Craig Welch – Sept 4, 2010 – A flood of asbestos: How much should residents worry?”

The good news is that I’m sure they thought their water tasted fine.

The bottom line is that the only way for you to be 100% sure that your family’s water is safe, is to install quality water filter systems for home. At one time, water filter systems for home use was a novelty. It was a luxury item. Well times have changed! Installing a system for home use is now just common sense. Your water contains all kinds of toxins. You can’t see or taste these toxins. Yet they can kill you!

Which unit should you buy?

The unit that you should buy, depends entirely on what contaminants are in your water. If you are on city water, you can get a copy of the test results for free. I will warn you up front though, you may see some categories marked as failed, or warning. This happens all too often when municipal water purification plants get overrun with certain toxins, or if they get sloppy. They are only human after all.

If you use well water then contact your County Health Department. They will know where to get the water tested. You might also ask them for the numbers of some private labs. You can then get information from the private labs as well, and compare the tests. Sometimes when you are testing to find out which water filter systems for home would be appropriate, the private labs cover more toxins.

After you get your water test back, then you can start looking at what system is going to best suit your home. Shopping online is very convenient. You can educate yourself about all the different filtration options available. Or you can just look specifically at the whole house water filter systems for your home that handle the problems in your water.

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